Tucker the Cat

Tucker is a Tuscaloosa stray who showed up behind the tire of my car on my birthday in 2015.


He was so sad and afraid, but…life got a lot better for this little fella in a hurry.

My outdoor tomcat stray Bubba, who was supposed to be a gatekeeper of sorts, took to Tucker and loved him like a brother right away.

Tucker was feral, but trusted Bubba,

so it did not take long for him to trust me too. Once I finally got my hands on him, I violated that trust and gave him his first bath. He got over it pretty quickly, and did not mind being in the house at all.

We moved away from Tuscaloosa in August, and by then Tucker was totally fine with whatever.


He was one of the first to take up residence in the new house.

The vet who first examined Tucker said he was severely malnourished and underweight for his estimated age. That is no longer a problem for Tucker.

Isn’t he adorable? Tucker has the personality to match his sweet face. Everything is fine, according to Tucker.

Click here to give Tucker $5 toward bills – it’s neuter time:

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